SoundTaxi Media Suite will Do Everything to Your Multimedia Files

Presence of multimedia today is greatly influenced many people. Ranging from helping one’s employment (such as using video tutorials to learn something visually and more easily understood), as an entertainment one (storing video clips or movies in a gadget), and a hobby with a variety of music and recordings. This becomes increasingly important because of its use are diverse is the main reason for most people who take advantage of the existence of multimedia. But sometimes, when they want to get a song to add into the list of songs in MP3 and ipod, can not easily be transferred after the download. This becomes quite a hassle to remember that the desire for someone to download a song, for example, is to be heard anywhere and anytime via a tiny music gadgets like MP3 and ipod. To facilitate the transfer of multimedia files needed software that could work well together. But, is there software that when installed into a computer or laptop, you do not need another installation?

Of course, there is currently a software that can accommodate and to convert any multimedia files, either for entertainment or work. Software that is SoundTaxi Media Suite. This is a set of five software products into one package (5-in-1). This includes audio and video converter, a web video downloader, music downloader, DVD copiers and web radio recorder. There are five main settings in this software, namely:

  • 1Step DVD Copier. The point is, with this feature you will easily convert from DVD to iPod impressions. To just the information that Apple products like the iPod can not use any ‘software together’. Only SoundTaxi Media Suite which can do good circuitry.
  • TuneGet Music Downloader. Of course, the first gains in this feature are able to download it for free. TuneGet have unusually large database and covers almost all genres of music. And another great, you do not charge a subscription.
  • GetRadio Internet Radio Recorder. If you’re located in a country other than your birth region, usually there will be a pang of longing for the development and the songs that were hits at this time, or songs that you never liked before. This feature will help you to enjoy the songs from various countries through more than 25,000 radio stations. Various genres of songs such as jazz, rock, pop, hiphop, and some songs typical of your country, can be enjoyed by simply installing software.
  • Online Video Downloader RipTiger. Internet that provides plenty of room to get all the latest things makes us wants to continue to update and up to date with something. One of which is entertainment in the form of video clips. With this feature, you can online video from sites like YouTube, Google video, MySpace, and other sites with the format as you want. You will be able to convert downloaded videos to popular formats such as MPEG2, WMV, AVI and more that will work on your PC and iPhone, PSP, or other portable devices.
  • SoundTaxi Media Converter will convert video files and music from iTunes, Zune, Napster, Yahoo Music, MSN Music etc.. You can now enjoy various multimedia displays with different file sizes. Even, if you have some kind of gadget, you can simply use software only.

Overall, this is what will very much help to you. Not only for entertainment, but also to work through the conversion and the various other ways. Enjoy the multimedia files it better!

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